"Generation Porn"?* (2)


This was the title of an article in The Sunday Times outlining alarming statistics about the sexualisation of society and the effect of this on young people. 

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A Child is Not a Mini Adult

Some things you should know if you are looking for therapeutic help for a child...


It is not sufficient for a therapist working with children to have only completed a psychotherapy training to work with adults. This is why the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) holds a specialist Child Psychotherapy register of those who are qualified to work with children and young people. This does not mean that anyone who has not completed a Child Psychotherapy training cannot work with children, but it does ensure that those working with children have undertaken additional specialist training to equip them with appropriate skills.

These are some of the aspects that require specialist knowledge:

  • Issues concerning safeguarding and child protection
  • An understanding of child development
  • Knowledge of the latest research on neuroscience and the impact of abuse on the developing brain in children
  • An understanding of how the experience of trauma or abuse can impact on childhood behaviours
  • An understanding of attachment theory: this is not only relevant to children in the care system
  • Confidentiality: the child is the client, but the therapeutic service is often paid for by someone else (parent/carer/local authority). The child still has a right for the content of the sessions to remain confidential, but this has to be managed within the context of information sharing with a wider network (family/school/social care)
  • Practitioners working with children and young people should have an enhanced check from the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly CRB check)




Psychotherapy offers a safe, caring, supportive and confidential space to talk openly about difficulties, and explore how past experiences may be impacting on your life.

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Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor Therapy

I work with metaphor and symbol to link to each person's unconscious process. Some of the first 'art' we made was created through exploratory play in the natural world. 

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Public Speaking

Public Keynote Speaker

I am an experienced Public Keynote Speaker providing thought provoking insight. I am available to speak at conferences on issues relating to mental wellbeing. 

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Youth Workshops

An area of interest is the impact on young people of growing up in the digital age. I run workshops in secondary schools looking at emotional awareness in relationships.

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